Hindi Training for EXPATS

This course is exclusive for citizens of other countries who are staying in India due to their professional commitments. They feel the need to speak in Hindi to people regarding the day-to-day situations as shopkeepers, maids etc. It is conducted either one-on-one or in a small group where the course is driven by the trainers who create authentically original language learning experiences.

Take Away:

. Flexible Hindi course depending on the interests, goals, language level and schedule of the candidate.
. Curriculum designed specially for expats planning to live/ work in India.
. Activity-based lessons involve giving real-life situations related to the markets, restaurants, banks etc. to practice daily English.
. Multimedia learning with audio and video lessons, tasks and speaking and listening exercises


Starting New Batches :-          •   Competitive English          •  Spoken English ( Basic )          •  Spoken English ( Advance )          •  Batches from morning 7:00 AM till evening 8:00 PM