English Training for EXPATS

This course is exclusive for foreigners who feel the need to learn English due to their professional commitments. It is conducted either one-on-one or in a small group where the course is driven by the trainers who create authentically original language learning experiences.

Take Away:

. Flexible English course depending on the interests, goals, language level and schedule of the candidate.
. Curriculum designed specially for expats planning to live/ work in India.
. Activity-based lessons involve giving real-life situations related to the markets, restaurants, banks etc. to practice daily English.
. Multimedia learning with audio and video lessons, tasks and speaking and listening exercises


Starting New Batches :-          •   Competitive English          •  Spoken English ( Basic )          •  Spoken English ( Advance )          •  Batches from morning 7:00 AM till evening 8:00 PM